The Re-Generation

The Re-Generation

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A generation not based on age, but on affiliation

As adults in a fast-paced world, finding the time to slow down and enjoy the little things in life can be challenging. Even the simple act of daydreaming or getting lost in one’s imagination has become a luxury that many can no longer afford. However, it is important that we allow our minds to wander fearlessly into the unknown and float freely into the unexpected—whether in awake or asleep—for in mastering the art of doing nothing, we can immerse ourselves in the pure joy of just being alive.


Never Stop Dreaming

LOST IN REVERIE sets out to capture the magic and mystique of dreamscapes, from the comforting to the unsettling and everything else in between. The book will comprise art and illustration featuring intriguing concepts and styles that explore the realms between the real and surreal; becoming a means of escape from the dreariness of everyday and a beautiful reminder to never stop dreaming.

Work by Leanne Lee
Work by Leanne Lee

A generation not based on age, but on vibration. Re-Generation constitues young and old [image!] those who are accessorized only by nature. Who see the absolute beauty in ephemeral, changing, living orgnanisms. Only collect art that is alive. Only create in accordance with nature. if you need red, you use a prism to get red at a certain time of day, only then. Your artworks only pick up the colors they are given - a certain bird passes and your camera photographs that, and puts it on the moving collage. that is it.

The art

The way they travel. Watch as the rest go by

Tourism at home. Do the unexpected. Interact and learn. Learn instead of buy

How was the flower picked?

Description imagination of artworks created in this way. could be

  • kites
  • video collages
  • the color of shifting bactera
  • clothes that grow and wilt.

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