What Are Legends?

What Are Legends?

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There are two definitions that I care about equally: "legend" as a story that puts you into an imaginative trance, that feeling of a warm crackling fire, an gorgeous voice telling you over the fire, about a time when___ or someting to that effect. Then there's the legend next to a map or picture, deciphering the symbols, scale, and colors used to symbolize routes and destinations.

Every word on this site has multiple meanings. That is the elegance that I seek.

The legends written above are speculative fictions that I am constantly refining, to make them more nad more real: using them to learn about what processes would help them come along, what stands in their way, etc. Stories that I can come back to and create, as a creator, and pass up rather than down - pass up in the sense that, I want the legend to grow in truth, rather than in mystery or intrigueβ€”I want more and more people to see their place in it, rather than distance themselves from it. It is a legend FOR tomorrow, something that we are working towards, which requires many people to start building the same legend. I consider these my seedbank of legends wherein we play all the characters. These are not tales of heroes, either. These are tales of ecosystems that rise as a whole.


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